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 Online Pretators Learning how to Hack to gain CHildrens locations

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PostSubject: Online Pretators Learning how to Hack to gain CHildrens locations    Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:41 pm

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Over the past 3 years online predators have started looking to the deep web for hackers to teach them how to hack into phones and social media accounts to find children in there area via a mobile phones GPS.

For example Lets say a teenager is walking with his friends alone with no adult in any part of the world. A predator can search random names on a name generator or look up that kids name on social media. This is why its always a good idea to have your online accounts private not for bullying reasons but for a higher scare of a forum.

Then the predator can friend the child by making a fake social media account saying there a kid or hacking one of there friends accounts then messaging them to meet. Even if your child's phone is encrypted predators can still locate them via GPS and find them once the phone is UN-encrypted when they unlock there smartphone or cell phone.

Now there is nothing anyone can do about but we are looking for a solution. Remember to have strong passwords on your social media accounts ANYONE and don't make the password anything related to you have it be some caps some lowercase. It is a good idea to even put characters from other languages in the password ass well. The better the password the harder it will be for the Thief to crack.
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Online Pretators Learning how to Hack to gain CHildrens locations
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